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Hi, I'm Lanier Logan and I've been helping aspiring entrepreneurs and corporate climbers

increase their earning potential for over fifteen years.  Through a number of universities and initiatives, I've developed and taught courses on:

  • ​Business Plan Writing

  • Product Development

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Career Mapping

  • Effective Resume Writing

  • Mock Interviewing

  • Workplace Conflict Resolution

  • Gig Economy Revenue

  • And more

With 15 years of Small Business Development and project management experience.  I've helped entrepreneurs launch and grow while connecting them to various local and state-funded resources.  As a Certified Federal Career Coach  I've helped corporate climbers obtain new careers and six-figure promotions, empowering them to create financial security and stability for their families. 

I'm on a mission to help 100,000 black women increase their earning potential whether they want to launch or grow their business or grab their next promotion, So tell me, is that you?

Are you

Are you a seasoned professional searching for your next career opportunity?


Or are you ready to fire your boss and just need guidance to ensure that your next steps are a huge success?    


 Regardless of where you are with your business or career, I have a proven track record of knowing exactly how to take you to the next level.    

Lanier is currently accepting limited monthly consultations and retainer services


Want to increase your salary by 20%?  Want an exciting role in your existing or new organization?  Then let's get started!

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From Employee to Entrepreneur (FEE) 

Thinking about firing your boss?  Are you ready to take your vision from idea to launch? Book a 1hr consultation today, and let's create a clear strategy, and 6-month exit plan that sets you up for consistent wins.  Click here to book a Startup Strategy Consult

Career Mapping Strategy Consult

What does your resume and Linkedin profile say about you?  Are you selling the very best version of your professional self?  Does your Linkedin valid your experience on your resume or is it a complete contradiction?  Maybe you haven't identified what professional next steps to take.  Let me help you secure your next promotion or leverage your skills in another company. 

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As a successful entrepreneur the easiest product you will ever create is selling your journey or expertise...or is it?  Have you released your eCourse and your sales have slowed down?  Or you have the idea but lack the time to create a clear comprehensive Course that will leave your audience begging to learn more and your reputation in tack?  Let me help you create your next eCourse, using practical steps, checklist, clear course outlines with calls to action exercises, tools, and resources to enhance your audience experience, with NO FLUFF.   

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Instructional Guides

How to Start a Career in Project Management

& get certified.


I'm a serial entrepreneur who is fixated on empowering communities of color with the resources they need to rescue themselves.  Over the last 10yrs working in Workforce & Economic Development sectors through various government contracts.  I have come to the realization that poverty is a business.  While I don't believe we sign up for a life of poverty, lack of access and resources heavily impact  African Americans especially single-parent households.   

What is within our control is how resilient and consistent we are in moving forward.  At times the process of finding resources or inspiration can leave you overwhelmed and confused on what steps one should take to level up. 

I know first hand how difficult and isolating it can be to juggle a career, dreams, and parenting to create the life Ming and I deserve.  This is exactly why my mission is to educate and empower single mothers with the tools and resources they need to rescue themselves.   

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NYC breed currently residing in the DMV with my 10yr old princess.  You can catch us slinging girl scout cookies in our spare time or creating lasting memories on road trips around the globe.


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